IPC관련 queue(backlog) Default size값?

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IPC관련 queue(backlog) Default size값?

TCP 관련 queue(backlog)와

IPC관련 queue(backlog)을 알수 있을까요...?

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IPC관련 queue(backlog) Default size값?

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itrc에 아래의 내용이 있습니다.

The size of the listen queue of an AF_UNIX socket is defined with

the syscall listen(backlog). By default, this backlog is limited

to 4096 in HPUX11i and HPUX11iV1.6.

For XOPEN_SOCKET, the size is directly defined by this backlog value.

The non XOPEN_SOCKETs, the "real" size is:

3 * backlog / 2 + 1

As of the following patch


11.11 cumulative ARPA Transport patch

Note: This patch, as with any patch, may be superseded.

Please check for the latest patches at the IT Resource

Center (ITRC) at the following web site:


and since HPUX 11i V1.6, a socket level ndd parameter permits the

socket_qlimit_max parameter to be tuned. For example:

# ndd -set sockets socket_qlimit_max 2048

This will limit the maximum of backlog to 2048. The maximum size

of a listen queue will be:


non XOPEN_SOCKET = 3073

Whatever the value of this tunable is, the absolute limit for the

listen queue size is 32767. This means that the backlog value

must be:

XOPEN_SOCKET: less than 32767

non XOPEN_SOCKET: 21844