LUN 구성하는 방법 쫌..

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LUN 구성하는 방법 쫌..


array는 HP6000 C2430 이구요

O/S는 10.20 기존에 /opt/hparray가 깔려있구요..

디스크 하나 fail 나서 갈아끼웠는데..

그놈이 LUN에서 빠져버렸어요..

검색해보니 hpC2400으로 management한다는데 사용법 좀 부탁드립니다..

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LUN 구성하는 방법 쫌..

/usr/sbin/hpC2400 이라는 명령어를 찾을 수가 있고

man hpC2400 으로 한번 보시기 바랍니다.

그리고 아래의 내용을 참조하시기 바랍니다.

Reference Page for C24xx Fast Wide SCSI Disk Arrays

Commands can be found in /usr/sbin/hpC2400.

# arrayinfo gives info about the array. Similar to diskinfo command.

# arrayscan Scans system for any C24xx disk arrays and reports number of LUNs configured.

# dsp 뻪 Displays status of physical units in array

# dsp 뻦 Display status of LUNs in array.

# spd -option cXiY (Set Physical Drive parameters)

X = channel #, Y = ID # (can be found by running dsp 뻪)


-a add drive to array

-c clear warning on drive

-d delete known drive from array

-f mark drive as failed

-r mark drive as replaced (rebuild will start after this is done)

-x mark drive as replaced and then format drive

-M force option.


To delete a drive located in Channel 2 with ID of 6 from array.

# spd 뻚 c2i6 /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0

# cfl 뻃 -option list Configure LUN

LUN address is found in IOSCAN ?usually starts at 0.

List is list of physical units separated by comma - cXiY, cXiY


-d delete known LUN

-k Set reconstruction quantity in blocks. Note: this along with the reconstruction frequency will affect rebuild time and system performance during rebuild time.

-l Sets reconstruction frequency.



To delete a LUN 1 from array /dev/rdks/c0t4d0.

# cfl 뻃 1 뻚 /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0

To change reconstruction amount from default of 64 to 128 on LUN 0.

# cfl 뻃 0 뻢 128 /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0

To add LUN 3 to array /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0 with a RAID level of 5 using drives in Channels 4 and 5, both having an ID of 0 and having a reconstruction amount of 128 blocks.

# cfl 뻃 3 뻕 뻭 5 뻢 128 c4i0,c5i0 /dev/rdsk/c0t4d0