cron log의 return code 문의

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cron log의 return code 문의


아래와 같이 rc(return code)error가 발생하였는데,

rc에 대해서 정리된 내용이 있으시면 같이 공유했음 합니다.

> CMD: /usr/lib/sa/vmstat_chk

< root 20684 c Thu Jan 26 13:24:38 KST 2006 rc=137

그리고 rc=1 or rc=137 이 무슨 문제인지 답변해주시기 바랍니다.

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cron log의 return code 문의


아래의 글은 itrc에서 참조한 글입니다...참조하세요..

아쉽게도 rc=137 만 없네요....더 찾아보도록 하죠..


The RC means the 'return code'


rc=0 >> OK

rc=1 >> fault

rc=2 >> Warning

There is a list in TKB that show some of them, but your could be application specific.

rc=101 no at command file

rc=102 (stat(at_cmdfile,&buf)) was true, so stat(2) returned an error

rc=103 if set uid bit off, original owner has given file to someone


rc=104 bad job open

rc=105 no audit id

rc=106 couldn't set group /user ids, exiting

rc=107 couldn't open stdin

rc=108 no stdin

rc=109 couldn't open tmp as stdin to sh

rc=110 couldn't open output file or /dev/null

rc=111 testing

rc=112 can't exec sh

rc=127 can't fork (this might also be return code from the shell)

rc=113 file locking problem