dds-tape driver문의

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dds-tape driver문의


dds-tape driver문의를 드리려고 몇자 적습니다.

기존에 쓰던 tape array 5300과 연결된 DDS4 drive를 새로 이전한 서버에 연결해서 사용하던중 device가 /dev/rmt/0m이 아닌 1m으로 올라왔습니다.

이걸 다시 0m으로 만들려면 어떻게 해야 하나요?

고수님들의 조언을 바랍니다.


rmsf로 지워보기두 하구 SCSI-ID를 바꿔보기두 했습니다만 계속 1m으로 올라오는군요.
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dds-tape driver문의

일단 kernel에서 tape device /dev/rmt/0m을 가지고 있기 때문입니다.

이것은 /stand/ioconfig file과 /etc/ioconfig file이 예전것을 이미 가지고 있기 때문입니다.

약간은 어려울수가 있는데요 ..

조심스러운 부분도 있구요.

잘못하면 OS가 깨지기도 하니 조심하여 절차대로 하셔야 합니다.

1) Make a file with currently used instance numbers.

# ioscan -kf | grep -e ^tape -e ^lan -e ^ext_bus | grep CLAIMED | awk

'{printf "%s %s %s\n",$3,$1,$2}' > infile

위와 같이 하는 이유는 lan만하면 booting중에 disk 정보가 틀려져 volume들이 active가 되지 않습니다.

따라서 tape나 disk,lan을 모두 하여야 합니다.

#ioscan -kf |grep -e ^tape -e ^lan -e ^ext_bus |grep CLAIMED |awk '{printf "%s %s

%s\n" ,$3,$1,$2}' > /infile

2) Edit the file and replace the lan instance number 9 on hw path 0/2/0/0/4/0

by 1.

3) Test the 'infile' before rebooting.

# ioinit -f /infile 2>&1

반드시 /root에 infile이 있어야 합니다.

Continue to remove entries that cause errors until the only message you get is

"line ignored."

4) Save a copy of the ioconfig file. Be sure to use cp(1) and not mv(1).

# cp /etc/ioconfig /etc/ioconfig.sav

# cp /stand/ioconfig /stand/ioconfig.sav

5) Remove the ioconfig files.

# rm /etc/ioconfig /stand/ioconfig

6) Shutdown -r and boot normally - from primary bootpath I suppose.

# shutdown -r 0

Command> bo pri

7) When the following message comes up:

/etc/ioconfig is missing. Restore it from backup or invoke /sbin/ioinit -c to

recreate it from the kernel.

When finished enter ^D to continue boot.

(in ioinitrc)# /sbin/ioinit -c

(in ioinitrc)# /sbin/ioinit -f /infile -r

You will see several messages that may look like errors, but this is OK:

ioinit: Input is identical to kernel, line ignored

Input line 1: 0/0/0 lan 0

ioinit: Input is identical to kernel, line ignored

Input line 2: 1/0/0 ext_bus 0

ioinit: Input is identical to kernel, line ignored

Input line 3: 4/2/0.0.0 tape 0

Shutdown at 10:26 (in 0 minutes)

System shutdown time has arrived


(in ioinitrc)#

If there were no errors, the system will reboot automatically. If there were

errors, it will stop at the ioinitrc prompt. You must then fix the errors by

using ed(1) to edit the /infile, or copy the saved ioconfig files back into

place and start over.

8) Now the system should come all the way back up with current instance numbers

preserved and all unused cleared from the ioconfig file.

9) If everything is up and looks the way you want it, remove the old ioconfig


# rm /etc/ioconfig.sav /stand/ioconfig.sav