hp-ux와 hp color laser printer 5500dtn

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hp-ux와 hp color laser printer 5500dtn


다름이 아니라 hp-ux 에 프린터 5500dtn을 Parallel로 연결시

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지원하는 모델/스크립트가 무엇인지,구성방법에 특별한 셋팅을

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hp-ux와 hp color laser printer 5500dtn

HP Color LaserJet 5500 Printer Series - Installing and

Uninstalling Software

- Printer drivers

HP supports the use of older drivers with new printers.

Because earlier HP LaserJet printers might have different

versions of the PCL language, new drivers are not supported

with earlier printers. The drivers associated with each printer

use the version of PCL language that is installed in the printer.

The printing system for the HP LaserJet printer includes PCL 5c,

PCL 6, and PS drivers.

The PCL 5c, PCL 6, and PS drivers are included with the HP

LaserJet software CD-ROM. The PCL 5c and PCL 6 drivers feature

a graphical user interface that has a similar look and feel.

NOTE: PCL 5c is not supported in Asian languages.

If Typical Installation is chosen during installation of the printing system software, the PCL 6 driver is set as the default driver.

- 관련자료 url


/var/spool/lp/model script_file을 참조하십시오.

제생각으로는 PCL5.nlo or colorlaserjet or laserjet5Si 정도로

사용하시면 될듯도 싶은데요.

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