hpux 9000 superdome lan 교체 절차 문의

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hpux 9000 superdome lan 교체 절차 문의

lan0 카드 장애발생으로  교체작업이 필요합니다.

교체절차와 절차 별 상세 명령어 부탁 드립니다.



[root@xxx:/]ioscan -fnC lan
Class     I  H/W Path    Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description
lan       0  0/0/0/1/0   btlan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
                        /dev/diag/lan0  /dev/ether0     /dev/lan0    
lan       1  0/0/2/1/0   btlan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon
                        /dev/diag/lan1  /dev/ether1     /dev/lan1    
lan       3  0/0/14/1/0  btlan CLAIMED     INTERFACE    HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon
                        /dev/diag/lan3  /dev/ether3     /dev/lan3 



System Information

    Your Hewlett-Packard computer has software installed and
    configured as follows.

    The system was created April 19, 2004, 14:50:10 SST.
    It was created with Ignite-UX revision B.5.1.33.

NOTE: You should retain this information for future reference.
    Serial number: SGH44152HA  Partition: 0001
    Order number:  E51026815~202~0101

System Hardware

    Model:              9000/800/SD32A   
    Main Memory:        8157 MB
    Processors:         10
    Processor(0) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(1) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(2) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(3) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(4) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(5) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(6) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(7) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(8) Speed: 1000 MHz
    Processor(9) Speed: 1000 MHz
    OS mode:            64 bit
    LAN hardware ID:    0x00306EE9CE68
    LAN hardware ID:    0x00306EEA4425
    LAN hardware ID:    0x00306EEA64FA
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    Software ID:        Z3e1101b7dd61c8ea
    Partition ID:       Z3e1101b7dd61c8ea_P0
    Keyboard Language:  USB_PS2_DIN_US_English

    Storage devices                  HW Path           Interface         
    HP 73.4GST373453LC 70007 Mb      0/0/3/1/0.0.0     SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    HP DVD-ROM 305                   0/0/11/1/0.2.0    SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    HP C7438A                        0/0/11/1/0.0.0    SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    HP 73.4GST373453LC 70007 Mb      0/0/8/1/0.8.0     SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    HITACHI OPEN-V 51200 Mb          0/0/4/1/ FCP Array Interface

    I/O Interfaces
    Class          H/W Path       Driver         Description            
    tty            0/0/0/0/0      asio0          PCI Serial (103c1048)
    lan            0/0/0/1/0      btlan          HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
    lan            0/0/2/1/0      btlan          HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon
    ext_bus        0/0/3/1/0      c8xx           SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    fc             0/0/4/1/0      td             HP Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapter
    fcp            0/0/4/1/0.52   fcp            FCP Domain         
    ext_bus        0/0/4/1/ fcparray       FCP Array Interface
    ext_bus        0/0/4/1/ fcpdev         FCP Device Interface
    ext_bus        0/0/8/1/0      c8xx           SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    ext_bus        0/0/11/1/0     c8xx           SCSI C1010 Ultra160 Wide LVD A6828-60101
    lan            0/0/14/1/0     btlan          HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon
    ipmi           0/6            ipmi           IPMI Controller    

Installed Software

    Your system was installed with HP-UX version B.11.11.

    Your system has the following software products installed and
    configured on the system disk drive(s). 

    Product          Revision          Description                            
    B3901BA          B.11.11.08        HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11.i (S800)
    B3913DB          C.03.50           HP aC++ Compiler (S800)                
    B3929CA          B.     HP OnLineJFS                           
    B6848BA          1.4.gm.46.2       Ximian GNOME 1.4 GTK+ Libraries for HP-UX 11.00 and 11i
    B8111AA       Java 2 RTE for HP-UX (700/800), PA1.1 + PA2.0 Add On
    B8465BA          A.01.05.08        HP WBEM Services for HP-UX             
    B9073BA          B.06.00           HP-UX iCOD (Instant Capacity on Demand)
    B9098AA       Java 2 Plugin for HP-UX (700/800)      
    B9788AA       Java2 1.3 SDK for HP-UX                
    BUNDLE           B.11.11           Patch Bundle                           
    BUNDLE11i        B.11.11.0306.1    Required Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i, June 2003
    Base-VXVM        B.03.50.5         Base VERITAS Volume Manager Bundle 3.5 for HP-UX
    CDE-Korean       B.11.11           Korean CDE Environment                 
    FDDI-00          B.11.11.02        PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739A/A3739B;SW=J3626AA
    FEATURE11-11     B.11.11.0209.5    Feature Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i, Sept 2002
    FibrChanl-00     B.11.11.09        PCI/HSC FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6684A,A6685A,A5158A,A6795A
    FibrChanl-01     B.11.11.02        PCI-X FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6826A,A9782A,A9784A
    GOLDAPPS11i      B.11.11.0312.4    Gold Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v1, December 2003
    GOLDBASE11i      B.11.11.0312.4    Gold Base Patches for HP-UX 11i v1, December 2003
    GigEther-00      B.11.11.19        PCI/HSC GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A4924A/A4925A;SW=J1642AA
    GigEther-01      B.11.11.11        PCI/PCI-X GigEther;Supptd HW=A6794A/A6825A/A6847A/A9782A/A9784A/A7109A
    HPUX11i-OE-Ent   B.11.11.0312      HP-UX Enterprise Operating Environment Component
    HPUXBase64       B.11.11           HP-UX 64-bit Base OS                   
    HPUXBaseAux      B.11.11.0312      HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary                
    HWEnable11i      B.11.11.0312.4    Hardware Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v1, December 2003
    IEther-00        B.11.11.04        PCI/PCI-X IEther;Supptd HW=A7011A/A7012A
    IGNITE           C.7.18.63         HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)
    ISEEPlatform     A.03.50.854       ISEE Platform                          
    Ignite-UX-11-11  C.7.18.63         HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.11 Systems
    J4240AA          B.11.11.07        Auto-Port Aggregation Software         
    MOZILLA       Mozilla 1.4 for HP-UX                  
    MOZILLAsrc       Mozilla 1.4 Source distribution        
    OnlineDiag       B.     HPUX 11.11 Support Tools Bundle, Dec 2003
    RAID-00          B.11.11.01        PCI RAID; Supptd HW=A5856A             
    T1456AA       Java2 1.4 SDK for HP-UX                
    T1457AA       Java2 1.4 RTE for HP-UX                
    T1471AA          A.05.20.004       HP-UX Secure Shell                     
    hpuxwsApache     A.       HP-UX Apache-based Web Server          
    hpuxwsTomcat     A.       HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine      
    hpuxwsWebmin     A.       HP-UX Webmin-based Admin               
    hpuxwsXml        A.       HP-UX XML Web Server Tools             
    perl             B.5.6.1.F         Perl Programming Language              
    scsiU320-00      B.11.11.00        PCI SCSI U320; Supptd HW=A7173A        
    NetWorker        7.4.5             NetWorker                              
    PHCO_29960       1.0               Pthread enhancement and fixes          
    PHKL_29198       1.0               Psets Enablement Patch; top(1)         
    PHKL_30100       1.0               Psets,vPar,Xserver,T600 HPMC KRNG,early LPMC
    PHKL_30105       1.0               remove mem module and LPMC syslog msgs 
    PHSS_28880       1.0               HP aC++ -AA runtime libraries (aCC A.03.50)
    PHSS_30101       1.0               Support Tool Manager Dec 2003          
    PHSS_30968       1.0               ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch
    SysInfo          A.03.01           HPUX system data collector             

LVM File System Configuration

    This system is configured with Logical Volume Manager (LVM) file systems.
    Refer to the File System layout section for information on the LVM layout.

JFS File System Configuration

    This system is configured with a Journaled File System (referred to 
    as either JFS or VXFS).  Refer to the File System layout section for
    information on JFS/VXFS file systems.

Disk layout

    LVM disk                   Device file        HW Addr      size   vol. grp
    HP 73.4GST373453LC         /dev/dsk/c0t0d0    0/0/3/1/0.0.0 70007  /dev/vg00
    HP 73.4GST373453LC         /dev/dsk/c1t8d0    0/0/8/1/0.8.0 70007  /dev/vg00
    HITACHI OPEN-V             /dev/dsk/c7t0d0    0/0/4/1/ 51200  /dev/vg20

File System layout

    LVM Device file            mount point     size  fs type
    /dev/vg00/lvol1            /stand          304   hfs 
    /dev/vg00/lvol2            swap            2048      
    /dev/vg00/lvol3            /               20000 vxfs
    /dev/vg00/lvol4            swap            14336     
    /dev/vg00/lvol5            /var/adm/crash  14336 vxfs
    /dev/vg00/lvol6            /data           18960 vxfs
    /dev/vg00                  unallocated     0         
    /dev/vg20/lvol1            /backup         51192 vxfs
    /dev/vg20                  unallocated     0         

Swap configuration

    type       size  priority  device/location
    dev        2048     1      /dev/vg00/lvol2
    dev        14336    1      /dev/vg00/lvol4

Kernel Configuration

    The following drivers or parameters are configured into your system's
    kernel.  After installing HP-UX, use the sam(1m) command to configure
    the following items into the kernel:
 STRMSGSZ                65535
 dbc_max_pct                20
 dnlc_hash_locks           512
 max_thread_proc          3000
 maxdsiz              0X80000000
 maxdsiz_64bit        0X80000000
 maxfiles                 2048
 maxfiles_lim             2048
 maxssiz              0X8000000
 maxssiz_64bit        0X40000000
 maxswapchunks           16384
 maxtsiz              0X40000000
 maxtsiz_64bit        0X40000000
 maxuprc                  3200
 maxusers                  400
 maxvgs                     80
 msgmni                   4096
 msgseg                  32767
 msgtql                   4096
 ncallout                12488
 nfile                   32000
 nflocks                  4096
 ninode                  12600
 nkthread                12001
 nproc                    4000
 nstrpty                   500
 nstrtel                  2000
 semmni                   4096
 semmns                   9126
 semmnu                   3996
 shmmax               0XF0000000
 swapmem_on                  0

System Information

    The following parameters were set on the configured target:
 IP address:         xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 subnet mask:
 gateway IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 time zone:          KST-9
 DNS IP address: