nflock 이 먼가요?

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nflock 이 먼가요?

어제 오라클을 스타트하는 도중에 계속해서 다운되는 현상이 발생하여

확인해 보니 system 커널 값중 nflocks의 값이 2000으로 되어있는데

이것을 10000으로 늘려 주니깐 정상적으로 올라 왔습니다.

nflock가 단순히 network filesystem lock 인가요?

hp 11.11 이며 슈퍼돔입니다. nfs를 쓰고 있습니다.

답변 부탁 드립니다.
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nflock 이 먼가요?

nflock: 동시에 시스템에 오픈된 파일중 file lock을 할 수 있는 최대 개수

Specify the maximum combined total number of file locks that are available system-wide to

all processes at any given time.

Acceptable Values:

Minimum: 2

Maximum: Memory limited

Default: 200

Specify integer value or use integer formula expression. For more information, see

Specifying Parameter Values.


nflocks gives the maximum number of file/record locks that are available system-wide.

When choosing this number, note that one file may have several locks and databases that

use lockf() may need an exceptionally large number of locks.

Open and locked files consume memory and other system resources. These resources must

be balanced against other system needs to maintain optimum overall system performance.

Achieving an optimum balance can be quite complex, especially on large systems, because

of wide variation in the kinds of applications being used on each system and the number and

types of applications that might be running simultaneously, the number of local and/or

remote users on the system, and many other factors.