x25_setup_pvc_timer가 뭘 의미하죠

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x25_setup_pvc_timer가 뭘 의미하죠

x25를 install하고 kmtune로 보니 x25_setup_pvc_timer가 나오는데 이것이 뭘 의미하는지 궁금하군요

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wang gi kim
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x25_setup_pvc_timer가 뭘 의미하죠

x.25에 대해서 잘 모르지만 관련자료를 올립니다. 참고하십시오.

- in blocking mode, a timer could be defined as a kernel parameter

(x25_pvc_setup_timer), there is no real documentation for this

time except the text in JAGab64272.

In this patch, a new "x25_setup_pvc_timer" kernel parameter

was added to prevent a X25_SETUP_PVC socket ioctl call from

being blocked for a long time, when the X.25 link layer is

not established and the socket is in bloccking mode.

To this effect, a timer is started when the X25_SETUP_PVC

ioctl is proce ssed.

When this timer pops, and the X.25 link layer is still not


X25_SETUP_PVC ioctl call returns -1 with errno containing ETIME.

The duration of the timer is specified by x25_setup_pvc_timer,

expressed in ticks (normally 1/100th of a second).

The recommended values for x25_setup_pvc_timer are between 5

and 10 ticks, depending on the processing power of the

HP 9000 machine.

When the value of x25_setup_pvc_timer is 0, no timer is started.