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DialUp Hp3000/957 via modem

Ricardo Diaz_1
Occasional Visitor

DialUp Hp3000/957 via modem

I'm trying to connect to the HP3000/957 via modem but the HP3000 does not response at session mode.

Also I trying to run CONSOLAN PDEV=56/56 SECTION=2(23) in order to reset the serial port but the system display a message warning "You need to have a self-maintainer/channel LICENSE to run this program." Please help me.
Eric Sorensen_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DialUp Hp3000/957 via modem

Hello Ricardo,

To run CONSOLAN, you need to enable the diagnostic system by entering the SUPLICEN password as follows:

***** Support License Installation Program *****
***** *****
***** (C) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Co 1992, 1993 *****
***** All Rights Reserved *****
***** *****
***** Version A.01.04 *****

Please enter your password (cr to exit)>

You can use this password: buonios
Note: the password is lower-case, and it is good for only two days.

When CONSOLAN runs, it will prompt you about "... possible data loss..." (answer YES), and then "Local or remote?" (answer: remote). If the port was hung, and if consolan was able to reset it, then the "TR" light should come on. If there is no TR light, then you should shutdown the 3000, then remove power for a moment to reset the MFIO card, then boot-up as normal. If there still is no TR light, then the modem or port is misconfigured or malfunctioning, and you should call for hardware service.
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