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HP Terminal manual

Arockia Jegan
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HP Terminal manual

From where can I get the manula/documentation for HPUX terminal? I'm having problem with the HP3000 system. The 3rd LED is amber now. It's not allowing me to type. Looks like keyboard is having some issue.
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Re: HP Terminal manual


which terminal? do you have any part numbers? Check the documents here:
learn unix ..
paul courry
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Re: HP Terminal manual

If you can find the model number of the HP terminal you are using then go to

and look up the part number of the manual.
David Bell_1
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Re: HP Terminal manual

Sounds like someone may have accidently put the system in remote mode.

See if you can do a to gain access to the CM> or GSP> to change the remote access to "off" or type in "co" to return it to console mode.

Also verify there is an * in the "F4" key field which is "Remote Mode".

If this is a 700/9X terminal, power off the terminal, hold down the 'D' key while powering on the terminal. Wait for a few seconds and you will hear a beep. Once you hear the beep, release the key and you should see a message "default configs used, press return to continue". Press return and the terminal should be reset to factory defaults.