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HP3000 Upgrade Details Required

Jimmy Murrat
Occasional Visitor

HP3000 Upgrade Details Required

Can anyone point me to specific and detailed information regarding the upgrading of 996/400 to 997/400?

Thank you,
Jim Murray
Marco Suerig

Re: HP3000 Upgrade Details Required

Please try the following URL for general information about the 997


and download the technical data sheet pdf-file (16 pages) for thorough information, including upgrades and their product numbers.
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: HP3000 Upgrade Details Required

The 997 system is very similar to the prior 996/995/992/991/990 systems, but the 997 introduces one new hardware layer, a new
bus converter, between the Central System Bus and the NIO bus.

For example, a typical SCSI Disc Device I/O configuration on previous systems might be described by the following I/O path:

^ ^ ^ ^
| | | |
| | | +--- LUN (logical unit number)
| | +----- TARGET (SCSI bus controller
| | address)
| +------- DA Slot address (SCSI Device
| Adapter address)
+---------- Top-Level Bus Converter Slot

For the 997, the new bus converter is added just below the top-level bus converter of the previous systems, ALWAYS at the fixed slot address (decimal) 28. So the same SCSI disk on Jade will be located at the following I/O path:

+---------- new Bus Converter address.

All other I/O path elements remain just the same.

The IOCNVRT utility has been developed to simplify the task of upgrading a customer's existing 996/995/992/991/990 into a 997
system, by automating the process of I/O path conversions that must be carried out via SYSGEN in order to produce a usable I/O
configuration for the 997.

Instead of manually running SYSGEN and, via SYSGEN's I/O configuration commands, manually changing all of the relevant previous I/O paths into 997 I/O paths, a user (System Manager) can use the IOCNVRT facility to create a new S997 configuration group automatically from an existing, valid configuration group.

In addition to IOCNVRT, this patch also provides the JADETOOL utility, which performs a similar conversion on the networking configuration in the NMCONFIG file.

MPEJXY5 is the patch which provides IOCNVRT/JADETOOL utilities on MPEiX release 5.5. It is first included in powerpatch C.55.04. On MPE/iX release 6.0 or greater, no patch is required.

More details are available in the MPE/iX 6.0 Communicator, chapter 2 (System Information and preparation, Upgrading a pre-997 Corporate Business Server to a 997). The 6.0 communicator is available at http://docs.hp.com.
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