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cabling scheme

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cabling scheme

I need a cabling scheme for hp3000 to new laser printer hp4100dtn, I using serial pinout on the hp4100dtn to rj45 connection to hp3000.
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Re: cabling scheme

Hi Ralph,

There is no direct cabling scheme for connecting a RJ45 port on the system to the serial port on the printer until you want to use a port converter of some kind. The two ports have different communication standards.

Hope this helps.

paul courry
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Re: cabling scheme

Was it your intention to try and describe an effort to hook up the RS-232C port on the printer to the RJ45 connector on a Network Interface card?

If so, then THAT is flat impossible.

If not, say you were attempting to describe an attempt to hookup the RS-232C port on the printer to a port on an MX72 MUX (which does support RS-232) then you need to post more information and be a bit more clear about what is being hooked to what, including part & model numbers.

We will be happy to help you, however the more info you provide the easier our job is and the more accurate the assistance we provide.
Eric Sorensen_1
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Re: cabling scheme

Hello Ralph,

The "serial pinout" on the LaserJet is a 9-pin (DB9) and the interesting pins are 2, 3, and 5.
The only serial RJ45 from the 3000 would be on a Direct Distribution Panel (DDP) on the back of a DTC, and the interesting pins are 1, 3, and 6. To connect the two:

DTC RJ45......Printer DB9

Please note (as Paul said): you CANNOT connect a serial printer's port to a LAN (RJ45), but you CAN connect the printer to a DTC (RJ45)
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