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HP e3000
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dtc 72mx & dtc 16mx mdp

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dtc 72mx & dtc 16mx mdp

Hello a buddy who didn't know what this is, gave them to me so now i would like to know what this stuff is and how i can use it. can someone help me?????
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Re: dtc 72mx & dtc 16mx mdp


MDP is an 8 serial port adapter with full modem signals to use in DTC16MX/DTC72MX/DTC16TN/DTC72TN, in K-class core i/o and some old 8x7/EFGHI-Class.

DTC16&72MX are terminal servers for HP3000, TN means HP9000. It is a network appliance to put your serial devices in the local network. They work in your local network only, don?t support routing.

You need to install a manager software in HP3000 to configure it properly. As I am not an HP3000 guy, I don?t know its name. In 9000 it is DTC Manager - UX(dtcmgr).

Hope this helps
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