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e-3000 Power Supply Question

e-3000 Power Supply Question

We have an N-Class e-3000 (with 3 power supplies) configured as follows:
Power supply 1 & 3 are on one PDU that goes to a UPS, and Power supply 2 is on the second PDU that goes to a second UPS.

We also have an N-Class 9000 box configured similarly. The 9000 box needs all 3 power supplies to boot, but if one of the power supplies fails, the system can continue to run on the other two.

Now for the question: Since both of the boxes in question are the same hardware -- N-Class with 3 power supplies, do they both function the same if one of the power supplies fails? If one of the power supplies in the e-3000 fails, can it continue to run with the other two, or will it crash?

The reason I'm asking is that in October, we're scheduled to do a QA test of some of our UPS's, and it could lead to a situation where the e-3000 will lose power on one of the power supplies for a period of time (20 minutes or so, while the UPS is rated), and we want to know if this is going to present a problem to our 3000.

Joaquin Gil de Vergara
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Re: e-3000 Power Supply Question

hardware is the same in e3000 and n4000

you can switch off, quit an replace the power suply without problem

you almost switch off 2 ps if the system is running... but don't reboot it because it don't boot with only 1 ps
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Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: e-3000 Power Supply Question


Dave and Paul answered your question on the 3000-L.


Chuck Ciesinski
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