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problem with DVDROM connected to HPe3000

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problem with DVDROM connected to HPe3000

hello ,

we have an Hpe3000 ( A500 class serveur )runnig under mpeix 7.5 version

so, when we try to essue the command mount ,to mount the DVDROM ,we have the following errors:

AVERSCSI faillure status=FFD471, #40 ( AVER6 )

AVERSCSI :couldn't mount ldev #11

AVERSCSI :aver_ldev STATUS info=-3,subsys 197

program terminated in AN error state CIERR 976.

i would to say that after this the cd is mounted and we can read the cd with is inside the DVD.

when we tryed to dismount it we have the same errors and we can not get the cd from the DVDROM .

to have the CD again we have to restart the system or use the forced ejection.

Thank you Best regards

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