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routing tables

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routing tables

I need to add a ip, submask to the routing table on a HP A500 system running mpe/ix 7.5. Is this possible and how do I do it.

thanks, Marvin
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Re: routing tables

I'm not sure of the details, but you need to run NMMAINT.PUB.SYS while logged on as MANAGER.SYS (or someone with NM capability). Explore the various F-keys and you should be able to locate a panel to make the change. Validate and save any changes. You'll need to update the network (NSCONTROL or NETCONTROL command or both, I can never remember, with the UPDATE option).

Hope this helps.


Re: routing tables

Hi Marvin,

I think you need to modify the 'Neighbor Gateway Reachable Networks' via NMMAINT.

Checkout the following link:

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Re: routing tables

The correct utility is NMMGR
Go to NS Configuration, then Guided Configuration, Config Network, Neighbor Gateways, etc.
Save and validate changes.
Then NETCONTROL command with the UPDATE option