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16Gb 3PAR, 4Gb Brocade and 2Gb HPUX

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16Gb 3PAR, 4Gb Brocade and 2Gb HPUX

We are in a situation where 3PAR StoreServ8440's 16Gb host port is connected to 4Gb Brocade (4Gb SFP) that is connected to a 2Gb HPUX host (Tachyon 2Gb FC-HBA). 3PAR and HPUX host both can FLOGI to the 4Gb Brocade switch where 3PAR 16Gb SFP negotiate at 4Gb and HPUX 2Gb HBA negotiate at 2Gb. After zoning, 3PAR doesn't see host WWNs. Other 4Gb hosts zoned with 3PAR can work without any issue. Does anyone ever had this issue or tested 2Gb hosts with 16Gb 3PARs?

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Re: 16Gb 3PAR, 4Gb Brocade and 2Gb HPUX

Both end-points in a fabric  have to be able to connect at the same speed.

16Gbps negotiating to 4Gbps allows any 4Gbps capable host to be zoned to them.

2Gbps hosts will not be able to negotiate end to end connection at 4Gbps.

Only option is if you can set some 3PAR ports to run at 2Gbps and zone your 2Gbps host to them.

Sorry don't know enough about 3PAR to know if this can be done.