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3.3.1MU3 - migrating VVols to get new features


3.3.1MU3 - migrating VVols to get new features

Hi all,

           simple enough question. Customer 3PAR (8200) with light workload. Customer has a mix of thin and thin-dedup vols currently deployed from a raid 6 CPG built when the array was at 3.2.2 code.

Customer would like to leverage better space savings using dedupe and compression where appropriate.

My understanding would be that in order to leverage latest dedupe capabilities in 3.3.1 they'd need to first convert any dedup vols back to thin. Then from there back to dedup but into a CPG created under 3.3.1

something akin to

tunevv usr_cpg OLD_CPG –tpvv MY_VOLUME

tunevv usr_cpg NEW_CPG –dedupe MY_VOLUME

and I guess the same would also be need for any copy space.

Assume if they wanted to leverage dedupe and compression on a vol it would be 

tunevv usr_cpg NEW_CPG –dedupe  -compr MY_VOLUME

Hopefully my thinking is on the right lines but any advice appreciated.

The customer currently leverages dedupe vols in their Citrix environment which provides great savings so I guess doing this process over under 3.3.1 can generally only improve things.

They are also asking about adding compression into the mix to make even more savings on space. I'm aware that the 8200 is generally not considered to be powerful enough to cope with heavy compressed volume workloads but as the customer footprint from a workload perspective is light I suspect it would be probably be ok in this case.

Are there specific cases were compression and dedupe combined would not be recommended or is it simply a matter of ensuring that whatever choices are made they do not push the CPU utilisation beyond a reasonable point and thus impact performance.

Any advice or best practice to follow much appreciated.






Re: 3.3.1MU3 - migrating VVols to get new features

Hi Adam,

For converting a TDVV2 volume to TDVV3 with compression, you dont need to convert it to TPVV, instead you can create a new CPG under 3.3.1 and convert a TDVV2 to DECO volume,

cli% tunevv usr_cpg NEW_CPG –dedupe  -compr MY_VOLUME

If you are having good savings already with dedup, hence enabling compression will make things better only, however if you are having file persona in your array, then you cannot use compression in a 8200 array,

Otherwise, considering the utilization is less as per your update, you can use DECO volumes.


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