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3PAR 7200 CPG Creation

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3PAR 7200 CPG Creation

Hello everybody,


I have a very basic question regarding CPG creation on 7200 StoreServ. I am used to create VV in HP P2000 storages, where i select which drives I want to be considered as 'hot spare', in case of failure. As I can see now in my 7200 StoreServ, when i create my new CPG raid5, a drive filter displays all of my 24 drives. I would like to have 2 spare drives (24drives-2spare drives=22 usable drives)for emergency, in case some drives of the array fail.


So, do I have to include in my CPG only 22 drives and leave the other 2 intact, or not? I know that 3par raid system is much more efficient and HA than a plain raid5 but I would like to have 2 drives spare.


Also, if I exclude the 2 drives from the CPG, in case of a failure, will they be hot-spare or do i have to replace the failed drive, e.g. disc drive in slot 6 with one of my spares, e.g. spare drive in slot 24 by hand?


I have read the 7200 white papers but i cannot find any answer to this question.


Thank you for your time.

Sheldon Smith

Re: 3PAR 7200 CPG Creation

All of that would be absolutely The Wrong Thing To Do. A 3PAR is not a P2000.


With a 3PAR array, there are no hot spares. All of the physical disks are broken up into 1GB chunklets. The CPGs take chunklets to combine into desired RAID sets. And since its all done with chunklets, you can have RAID1, RAID5 and RAID6 (technically RAID10, 50 and 60) volumes residing on the same physical disks.


With a 3PAR array you already have sufficient spare chunklets.


You want to read over the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide, HP 3PAR OS 3.1.2 MU2. Search for QR482-96384.

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