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3PAR 7200 network issue

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3PAR 7200 network issue


I have a problem with 3PAR 7200; after restarting Cisco switch there is no more connectivity to management address.
I manage to connect to MFG port, do the "Re-enter network configuration" on one Node, the management address is pingable again, but I'm not able to connect with Management Console or SPOCC.
Today I do the "Re-enter network configuration" on both nodes, now the management address is not pingable at all.

Please help!


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Re: 3PAR 7200 network issue

There was a known Bug with CISCO Switch, call HP they have a sloution.

That was not planned in this way.
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Re: 3PAR 7200 network issue

I have session with HP support yesterday, the problem was in netc process.
The proces was terminated and restarted from root account.