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3PAR 7200 replacement disk missing from firmware database

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3PAR 7200 replacement disk missing from firmware database

Inserted replacement disk HITACHI HUC109090CSS600, listing firmware revision A5B0. Is this a suitable replacement disk or must firmware be at 3P02 to start with ? 

3PAR1 cli% showpd -i
Id CagePos State ----Node_WWN---- --MFR-- -----Model------ -Serial- -FW_Rev- Protocol MediaType -----AdmissionTime-----
--- 2:9:0 failed 5000***057A30*** HITACHI HUC109090CSS600 KXJWNZXW A5B0 SAS -- -----------------------
0 0:0:0 normal 5000***022404*** HITACHI HCBRE0900GBAS10K KPW4B8YF 3P02 SAS Magnetic 2013-08-06 12:35:06 IDT

servicemag resume failed to get drive device type

updatepd fails to upgrade firmware

OS is at

3PAR1 cli% showversion
Release version 3.2.2 (MU4)
Patches: P56,P59,P74,P84,P85,P91
Firmware Database (P91)
Drive Firmware (P91)

3PAR1 cli% checkhealth node pd
Checking node
Checking pd
Component -------------Summary Description------------- Qty
PD Unbalanced PD types in Cages 1
PD Magazines with failed servicemag operations 1
PD PDs with model missing from firmware database 1
PD PDs that are failed 1

Where does updatepd get latest drive firmware from, does it download it or simply pull it from the OS version, patches applied?



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Re: 3PAR 7200 replacement disk missing from firmware database

The 3PAR firmware brings all firmware. If a device is not known by the firmware, you cannot use it.
for known devices.

Hope this helps!

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