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3PAR 8200 -- Configuring alerts

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3PAR 8200 -- Configuring alerts

hi all,

total noob to 3PAR

We have got some 8200 [OS (MU2)] arrays and I would like to configure some alerts, e.g., volume capacity, etc. For example, receive alerts when a volume has reached 85% of total capacity utilization.

Reading the HPE 3PAR System Reporter pdf and checking the SSMS Console, it seems that there are only pre-defined templates (15 in total) and the metrics are more for performance related (looking at Exported Volumes template for example).

Is it possible to manually configure alerts or just use the pre-definied templates?

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


Sheldon Smith

Re: 3PAR 8200 -- Configuring alerts

First, welcome to 3PAR storage. If you have not done so, get copies of the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide and the HPE 3PAR Command Line Interface Administrator Guide. I wouldn't try to memorize them (yet <wink>), but do skim over them. While the SSMC gives a good visual image of the system, at its heart the system is command line driven. After you've had a look at the above documents, get the HPE 3PAR OS Command Line Interface Reference. Everything you can set is explained in detail in the Reference manual.

System Reporter and the Threshold Alerts are more oriented toward performance. The system itself has a number of alerts once you know where to look for them. There are capacity alerts (warnings) that can be set on the system's (raw) free pools, on the CPGs, and on the virtual volumes themselves. Since the main resource is chunklets, the system has default alerts on its free pools (NL, FC and SSD):

  • 50% - informational
  • 75% - minor
  • 85% - major
  • 95% - critical

And for example, you can set a virtual volume (or "VV" for short) to give a "warning" when it reaches 85% of total capacity utilization:
setvv -usr_aw 85 <VV_name>

As you get familiar with the commands, you will know what to look for in SSMC as well. Hint: In SSMC, check the Advanced options checkbox. Conversely, as you do something in the SSMC, use the showeventlog -min 5 command to see what (psuedo-)commands were sent to the system in the last 5 minutes. Note it can be faster to set multiple whatevers using the command line rather than the GUI.

Find the documentation at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library, http://www.hpe.com/info/storage/docs. There are also a number of technical white papers that focus on various aspects of your StoreServ system. One good one is HPE 3PAR Storage—Adaptive Data Reduction Technologies.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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