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3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions


3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions


From the beginning we see a very bad performance on 3-PAR 8200 Storage. There is poor performance and also interruptions, when you want to copy file in CSV or inside of virtual machine. We have hyper-V tehnology. HP servers 380dl Gen9, direct attached storage. Windows 2012 R2, latest updates.

Client Programs, that connects to server are freezing, sometimes to start copying file takes few seconds. Operation copy sometimes freezes and is 0.

We tried a lot of things, server updates, changing network cards, adding FC switch, nothing helped. HP gave advices, nothing worked out.

We tried to connect Storwize full SSD and Fujitsu Full SSD on 3-PAR place. They are working smuthely, no interruptions, performance is very good.

We also tried the same model from 3-PAR 8200, but Full SSD, full storage, it was the same, very bad performance.

Attached tests are 3-PAR 8200, full SSD, full storage. Tests for our 8200 no SSD, not full, are the same.

I don't know, how people work with such bad performance. The same poor performance we had on 2 same model of 3-PAR 8200. 8200 full SSD was out of the box.

We experiance program freezing. disconnecting from SQL ... This 3-PAR is big disaster.

I think HP has global problem. I don't know why people don't stand up and tell that it works bad. Support from HP is extremly bad. We are solving this problem from april. And this is our production.

I will never buy HP again.



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Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

Hello Rihtarg,

I'm very sad to hear that you are unhappy with the 3Par Hardware (Performance). Unfortunately you posted your message in the Storage Essentials/Storage Operations Manager (SE/SOM) forum, which are Software Products and not related to any Hardware based issues.

If I would have found easily the correct link for your complains I would have pasted it .. still searching .. if I find it I will update this thread later ..

Sorry and Regards,



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Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

Hi Rihtarg,

That doesn't look right, 22MB/s is the performance for 3PAR? There could be some misconfiguration somewhere along the data path.

If you don't mind, where is your location, contact details and your 3PAR serial number? Would you mind sending me a PM with these details and I'll see if someone from HPE near your location can assist you further.

Best Regards,


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Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had.

As @yapkl suggested, the data you're reporting doesn't look right.  Since you have a 3PAR 8200, that is most likely still under service contract. Did you contact HPE Support?  If you can provide me with a Case ID or your serial number, I'd like to have our support team follow-up.


Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

We have 2 open CASEs curently,

Your request is being worked on under reference number 5314848873
Status: Case is generated and in Progress

Product description: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 8SFF Configure-to-order Server
Product number: 719064-B21
Serial number: CZJ60309QM
Subject: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 8SFF Configure-to-order Server - Strange behaviour on copy files on external storage.. When multiple copy actions performed only last is performing previous ones are waiting last to complete and after that perform copy.

Vaša zahteva za podporo 5314396070 je bila posodobljena
Stanje: Vaša prijava je zaključena. Za vsa nadalnja vprašanja se obrnite na center za podporo strankam Hewlett Packard Enterprise GSD Customer Solution Center.

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Opis izdelka: HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 2-node Field Integrated Storage Base
Številka izdelka: K2Q36A
Serijska številka: CZ3603XC70


All this graphs are snapshot while copy on 3-PAR 8200.

Makes no difference, if 8200  no SSD, or full SSD, full enclosure of discs are attached. We had 2 same storages on test, like I mentioned before.

With other two storages (Fujitsu, Storwize) it works perfect. Connected the same way, direct attached. As I mentoined, we tried to connect 8200 via FC switch also with no improvements.

Now, we have Fujitsu connected, which works perfect (is much cheaper than 3-PAR).

I must stress it again, we try to solve this problem for months, this is totally unacceptable.

We have to pay extra storage, for time, when 3-PAR is mantaining and there is no solution.


We also find, that you can not copy more than 1 file in CSV at the same time.

It's LIFO. Last file you copy, is first copied.

It looks like that, when you start copying one file, and do 2nd copy, first one is hold, till 2 is complete, than 1st ist copying to the end.

As you can see, we have 2 cases open, storage and servers.

Disaster ... from april ...




Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

I attached this LIFO, that's how it looks like, when you copy in CSV (Cluster, on phisical server).

We have storage attached, tests are possible, if someone of HPE wants to connect and see this disaster on own eyes, it is possible.

Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

>We have 2 open CASEs currently,


Has Support asked for a statvlun, histvlun or srstatvlun, to see the VLUN performance?




Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

Yes, we have. 2 cases open.

And still no solution ...

Would not be better, to bring us new storage, some other serie, that works, and you solve that problem in your lab?

You have to understand, that we didn't buy that storage, to have it on bypass, for test purposes. Now we have borrowed Fujitsu, for which we are paying rental.

3-PAR is not working for months. We are solving that problem for months.

Manufacturing price of new storage is what ... 5k eur?

I was on 2 conferences, talking about that problem, and time necesary for "unsolving" that case, about "great" HP support.

I can't believe this.



Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

Please read PM

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Re: 3PAR-8200 Poor Performance and interruptions

Hmmm, we are in the evaluating process and our favorite is an 3PAR 8200 until I've seen this thread. Did you ever solve this problem or do you still have performance issues?