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3PAR_8200 - Snapshot With RedHatKVM

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3PAR_8200 - Snapshot With RedHatKVM

Hello Guys,

In our environment, we have a 3PAR 8200 (3.2.2) and 3 hypervisor on RedHat in a cluster.
Only one virtual volume is exported to them (Messaging_vv).
We had some issues on filesystems which obliged us to create a snapshot of this volume: Messaging_vv.180909183000

Fortunately, everything is fixed now and I want to know what I have to do with this snapshot :
- Remove it by CLI using removevv?
- Promote it using promotesv?
Where are located the new files written on this volume?

Thank you for your help

Sheldon Smith

Re: 3PAR_8200 - Snapshot With RedHatKVM

You should take a look at the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide, specifically the section on "Virtual copy snapshots".

New files are written to the volume that is exported to the host. As I understand it, that would be "Messaging_vv".
You created a snapshot, "Messaging_vv.180909183000", but it reads like that was not exported, effectively making it a point-in-time image of "Messaging_vv".
The new files are on "Messaging_vv".

Promotesv would cause the snapshot, "Messaging_vv.180909183000" to overwrite the base volume destroying the new files.

Since you no longer need the snapshot, simply removevv Messaging_vv.180909183000

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Re: 3PAR_8200 - Snapshot With RedHatKVM

Hello Sheldon,

Thank you for your answer!

It is clear now for me.