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3PAR Controlport ping issue

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3PAR Controlport ping issue



Recently we help customer to set up a pair of 7400 3PAR to do the remote copy. This pair of 3PAR are located in different subnet. The remote copy works successfully without any issue. The 3PAR OS is 3.2.1 GA/MU1.


We did some test with the network ping but it is strange for the result. We use "ping" command to access the 3PAR control port from a PC under the same subnet as the 3PAR, the 3PAR will respond, but if we issue the "ping" command from a PC under different subnet then 3PAR will not respond. Customer claimed this behavior does not happen in their other 3PAR using OS 3.1.2.


The question here is, have 3.2.1 made any modification for the access of controlport ? If it has prevented the port from accessing from general network "ping" from different subnet ? If there is no any change since 3.1.2, then this is a network issue or a OS issue ? or any other suggestion?


Thanks for your help !