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Re: 3PAR Dashboards in Splunk


3PAR Dashboards in Splunk

So have a client that uses Splunk heavily and also has 7x 3PARs.

We will be taking them to 3.2.2 MU6 +++ on the 3PAR OS, 4.4 MU7 on the VSP, and latest 3.4 SSMC.

Which with the latest SSMC that is a Linux Appliance now, not just an App on a Windows server.

On Github there was an app you could install on the windows server runnign SSMC to put stuff in a dashboard for splunk. But that is no longer a viable option post upgrade.

I know you can point VSP and SSMC syslog to splunk so that will get alerts/notifications in, but what we are really looking is to get some more real time performance data even like the new dashboards in Infosight like top five hotspot volumes, etc.... into our Splunk interface.

Any help or pointers would be apprecaited.

I also checked SplunkBank and seems there are alot of prebuilt apps, but nothing for HPE.


Re: 3PAR Dashboards in Splunk

Hello jstone415,

If you are looking for a similar dashboard as seen with Infosight (+ latest 3.4 SSMC),  you might need to request an enhancement (or now) app from Splunk developers. Otherwise, you can make use of the system reporter feature of 3PAR to get some performance related stuff in to the Splunk.

I could see the below blogs on SR and Splunk. Those may help:


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