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3PAR P10000 Remote Copy over IP - configuration issues

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3PAR P10000 Remote Copy over IP - configuration issues

Hello All,

I need your suggestions and recommendation on a P10000 V400 Remote copy Over IP issues. During setup, the two V400 units were at the primary datacenter. we were able to configure all RCIP parameters and also commenced syncronisation between the two units, when all the luns were fully synchronized, we moved the backup unit to DR sites. On power up, i notice that the RCIP LUNS were active and the backup unit was no longer able to synchronize with the Primary v400. after several tries and no luck, i decided to rebuild the RCIP afresh. but on the final stage of the RCIP wizard, i kept getting an error message that the "Remote target was not ready".

I checked to ensure all RCIP port were up and Remote Copy was running on the two v400 unit but still the error kept coming at the end of that RCIP setup. interestingly, the RCIp wizard creates only the link but No RCIP group or RCIP Luns. i am really unsure of why this is happening or what is responsible. I was thinking it could be a bandwidth issue but expeecte that the RCIP wizard would at least complete the configuration.

We took the backup unit to the primary site to ensure we carryout the initial data replication since we do not have so much bandwidth between the two sites. The two site are connected over a 3mbps FIbre optics link.

Any idea