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3PAR PD out of service

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shashi kanth
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3PAR PD out of service


In a 3PAR few PDs are showing  as "normal  servicing" . Can someone please suggest how to make these PDs out of service. There is NO servicemag operation logged for these PDs and i am not finding a way to remove the "servicing" flag for these PDs.

showpd -s

107 6:11:0  FC   normal  servicing        not_capable

118 7:6:0 FC normal servicing not_capable

servicemag clearstatus 7 6
Log for cage 7 magazine 6 not found.





Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR PD out of service

What HPE 3PAR OS version do you have?

Most likely you'll need to talk to Support.


Re: 3PAR PD out of service

Hello Shashi,

This normally happens when the servicemag started at some point of time (manually, cage failue/power failed etc.) and cleared later.

If the disks are otherwise normal, run 'showpdch -from' for each drive in question and see whether there are any chunklets moved to some other PDs. If not, a 'servicemag resume' running aginst each PD normally clears this error.

Being that said, please do contact support if you are in any doubt.

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shashi kanth
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Re: 3PAR PD out of service

Thank you, it worked.