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3PAR Recovery Manager for Hyper-V

Hi, would like some assistance with Recovery Manager for Hyper-V v2.2.0.

Have installed RMHV v2.2.0 Agents on Hyper-V 2012 R2 hosts (with Inform CLI and Hardware VSS). Installs completed without error. Have a dedicated host (VM) running RMHV Server and client. Also completed without error. Opened required firewall ports. When connecting to web console on the RMHV server, the web page only displays Service and No endpoint found. Web page is blank otherwise. Unable to determine cause of issue.

Further investigation: If the index.html page is opened from the file system (Program Files\HP\3PAR\RMHyper-V\Html5), then the interface seems to work - displaying all menus, etc. However any operation such as connecting to a Hyper-V host results in an Unable to connect to Recovery Manager server service. Have also tried running the service under 'Local System' (the default) and a domain account. Error is the same in either case.