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3PAR Remote Copy DR



I have installed remote copy by RCFC, source storage node name is CCH_3PAR_14F and DR site is CCH_3PAR_2F. All remote copy group is sync mode and CCH_3PAR_14F sync to CCH_3PAR_2F.


Recently we run failover testing on both site. If we shutdown source site, that is CCH_3PAR_14F not available, we found

we cannot do any actions such as failover remote_copy groups to CCH_3PAR_2F (refer the attachment). Why? As we know

If the source site is failed, we need to failover all remote_copy groups to DR site, so we simulate to shutdown source site 

storage,then how to failover all groups into DR site ?


Any hints are appreciated  


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Re: 3PAR Remote Copy DR


From the DR system Run the CLI commands
$showrcopy groups
Take a note of the name of your remote copy group name <group.r.xxxx>


$setrcopygroup failover <group_name>
Note: # setrcopygroup failover -t <target_name> command will Reverse the role of all volume groups on the system that is still in normal operation (the failover system)


Again run the CLI command on DR system
$showrcopy -d groups
Check the Role

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Re: 3PAR Remote Copy DR

The attached document describes how we do a DR test here with RCIP...