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3PAR Remote Copy N to 1 Network Requirements

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3PAR Remote Copy N to 1 Network Requirements


i'm setting up Remote Copy between three 3Pars i want to setup with N to 1 Configuration.

two of the 3PARs are in the same Site. I know that when configuring the RCIP ports the ip address should be in another subnet different from the Management port, so the traffic isn't mixed and gets lost.

My question is since i have two 3pars in the same DC should i configure the RC ports for the two 3pars with different subnets or is it ok for them to be in the same subnet?

Also we have another 3PAR but we're not configuring it for RC, Should the RCIP Be isolated from it's management too?



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Re: 3PAR Remote Copy N to 1 Network Requirements

For a given 3PAR system,

  • The Management port subnet and the RCIP subnet(s) must be different.
  • The Management port subnet and the RCIP subnet(s) of one 3PAR system have no bearing on the addresses used by any other. 
  • If two 3PAR systems' RCIP subnets are different, they need gateway IPs. (TCP/IP networking 101).

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Re: 3PAR Remote Copy N to 1 Network Requirements

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N-to-1 configuration

An N-to-1 remote copy configuration is composed of multiple remote copy pairs.

NOTE: Because the secondary system participates in one remote copy pair for each primary system, a secondary system with one or two primary systems needs only two controller nodes. A secondary system with three or more primary storage systems must have four or more controller nodes.

User can set up N-to-1 remote copy with up to four unidirectional or bidirectional remote copy pairs, as long as the remote secondary system has the minimum number of nodes required to support the number of source systems.

N-to-1 remote copy on page 19 illustrates an N-to-1 configuration where:

  • Bidirectional remote copy is maintained between remote copy pair System3 and System4. Unidirectionalremote copy is maintained between System1 and System4 and between System2 and System4.



For more inofrmation on this you refer to HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Software User Guide using below mentioned link.


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