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3PAR RemoteCopy to DR for VMWare without SRM

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3PAR RemoteCopy to DR for VMWare without SRM


May I know what is the best way of using 3PAR RemoteCopy software to replicate VMWare server to DR site without the SRM feature? The RemoteCopy is working but we can't mount it to the DR VM host to check the data integrity unless we stop the replication. Some recommended to export through virtual copy to view the VM but is there any other way to see the VM at the DR site (at least we can see the storage size etc)? My objective is to prevent disaster over disaster (if disaster happen and the replication is not working).


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Re: 3PAR RemoteCopy to DR for VMWare without SRM

Best way without stopping/affecting your replication is take snapshots of the target volumes at the DR 3PAR, then mount the snapshots and do your testing. After test is done, remove the snapshots.

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