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3PAR Simulator



      I was installing the 3PAR Simulator was able to assign node0 and node1 along with Serial number. when I restart I was stuck on Bringing up a link for node's on both node. using VMworkstation 3 networks one host-only and one LAN Segment.. I in step 2 seup "Out of the Box".. What should I do?

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Re: 3PAR Simulator

Hi @3PAR_conehead,

Where did you get that #PAR simulator?

I'm interested to learn as well. 

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3PAR Simulator Download + Activate



I went to this site >  My HPE Software Center   and tried to download the 3PAR simulator. I am an HPE partner and have not been able to get this file.  I have created an account, but it still wont let me in to get that file. My password is not an issue..I think its more about having access. I would like to install this software so I can use it and learn 3PAR.

I had already taken the HPE 3PAR class and would really appreciate your help.  


Thanks in advance.