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Re: 3PAR add disks


3PAR add disks

I have one 3par 7200 with 14 hard disks. I want to add 6 new disks. In manual (HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage Installation Guide page 89 )  i find that i enter the license and then install the new disks and thats all, the system add the disks without any other command.


Adding Disk Drives
There are five processes for adding hard drives:
• Checking initial status
• Inserting hard drives
• Checking status
• Checking progress
• Completing the upgrade


In forums i read some other processes.

What is the correct way to install the new hard disks ???j

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Re: 3PAR add disks

A two node 7200 should do an "auto admithw".  This means admithw does the steps:



So if it isn't automatic after you inserted the new PDs, you can invoke admithw.


Re: 3PAR add disks

Do i have to run tunesys at the end of the process ???

Re: 3PAR add disks

Somebody does. :) Its my understanding that a 7200 also does that automatically. Use the "showtask" command to verify that it is either in progress or has completed.

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Re: 3PAR add disks

Yes, tunesys is a must to rebalance the disk chunklets after additional disk install.