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3PAR and MPIO software

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3PAR and MPIO software

Hi all!  Have a few questions for everybody.  Thanks in advance for your answers.


1. Is EMC Powerpath supported on 3PAR

2. Anybody have experience with un-installing Powerpath and going with MPIO (Server 2008 R2)

3. Can server see LUNs from EMC Clariion and 3PAR at the same time



Prakash Singh_1
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Re: 3PAR and MPIO software



For querries regarding HP 3PAR and other HP storage products you can take a look at the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.


Link for the same:




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Jan Soska
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Re: 3PAR and MPIO software

Hello, as I know running luns form different storages is likely not supported by any of related vendors... (form obvious reasons). But normally it works well :), better is to use one multipath software only. Try and find your best way - HW vendors will not help. We use EVA + EMC + Falconstor on the same server... for example in VMware with their native multipath and other Redhats...



Sheldon Smith

Re: 3PAR and MPIO software

We don't test these configs with 3rd party arrays and hence we outlined our support policy in the SAN Design Guide. So you can run them side by side, just not in production over the same pair of HBAs.
Also make sure that PowerPath does NOT claim the 3PAR devices. Another thing is that EMC might (or might  not) adjust HBA parameters for their array to perform best and that might (not) be in favor of the 3PAR. That's another reason for the above mentioned policy.

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