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3PAR free capacity query

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3PAR free capacity query

Can someone explain to me why when I check the CPG space allocated to volumes, the total amount of (for example) SSD capacity is nowhere near the amount of available space?

All because of RAID and spares?

For example we have around 13Tb of raw SSD space available, but when I add the SSD space allocated to volumes it comes out to around 8.5Tb? 


Re: 3PAR free capacity query


Yes your understanding partially correct.

In order to understand raw space usage for the entire system and what all component consuming what space better to check below command output,

showsys -space

If you want to check PD level raw space usage only then check "showpd -c"

If you want to check logical space means CPG level then check "showspace -cpg <CPG_name>"

If you want to check space usage at the VV level then check "showvv -s"


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