3PAR sizing

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3PAR sizing

Hello All;

I am new for 3PAR so my question is a newbie question. I'm sorru for that.


I have a 3PAR 7200 and there is a vvolume on it named something like DatastoreA. It's a thin vvolume and its size 2TB.

The vvolume is being used by my vmware as a datastore and there are several virtual machines running on it. I need to increase the size of the vvolume.


Can I directly increase the voluem on 3PAR? Is increasing volume size risky for my virtual machines? If I do that, do my virtual machines keep running?






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Re: 3PAR sizing



Yes you can grow a volume online, there will be no impact on the production VM's running on it.


After you have changed the volume size on 3PAR level, you have to rescan your storage adapters in the VMware console as well to make it available to VMware hosts also.




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