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3PAR snapshot mountpoint issue

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3PAR snapshot mountpoint issue

Hi ,


We are not able to access database through  3PAR snapshot mountoint .

All commands are hanging like which vim , whereis vim , which ll , glance .

whereas when we run the same thing from EVA storage any other mountpoint its absolutely fine .

hpux 11i v2 .




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Re: 3PAR snapshot mountpoint issue

* I am not sure what is vim, but the remaining commands you ran, suppossed to search on OS disk. shouldn't deal with the snapshot luns. Does this server is san boot one ?
* what is the model of 3par storage & which os version ?
* are you mounting the snap shot on same server, where the parent VV is presented and used ?
* how you are creating  snaps shot & how it has been presented?

We have p10400 with hpux11.31 with snap shots , running  perfect from last one year.   here with atatched the script which we used to create snap shot & mount it on  backup server.
Hope this can help you.

Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR snapshot mountpoint issue

>* I am not sure what is vim,


vim is an improved vi, possibly on /usr/local/bin/.


>shouldn't deal with the snapshot LUNs.


If any of these filesystems are in the user's PATH, then it may hang.