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3Par Cluster Extensions CLX


This is a somewhat storage related question so hoping I've got the right forum.

I've got two datacentres each with a 3par and use RC to replicate data between them. I want to introduce a Windows cluster with two nodes at each site which will just be a fileserver cluster.

I want to use CLX to be able to easily failover between sites if necessary but ideally want the site failover to be a more manual process and not fully automated. 

For local node failure I want the cluster automatically failover to the surviving local node, but in the event of both nodes failing I would like the option to make this a manual failover - however I don't want the hassle of having to manipulate the RC groups and export luns to DR servers etc.

So I want the benefits of CLX but the ability to initiate the 'site' failover piece in the event that both local nodes have failed


Is this possible?


many thanks