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3Par TPVVs and utilisation alerts

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3Par TPVVs and utilisation alerts

Hi all,


Quick question on 3Par Thin Provisioning - am I right in saying that you can ignore FC and NL raw space alerts on systems using Thin Provisioned Virtual Volumes and if not, what is the point of using Thing Provisioning?


We currently have an F400 array where 95% of the FC storage is allocated, however the Reserved User Size % is around 50% of the total amount available.  I would have thought we'd be able to over-allocate the storage and only start to worry once the reserved user size approaches capacity?


I'm concerned about over-allocating the array until I've seen some evidence that it's not going to fall over when we reach 100% allocated!!


Cheers, Gareth.

Sheldon Smith

Re: 3Par TPVVs and utilisation alerts

Well no, not hardly. Raw Space alerts show how much physical storage you have left. In my opinion, with heavy use of Thin Provisioning, Raw Space alerts become even more important.
Depending on how much daily management you want/need, there are optional alerts for CPGs as they get to a specified warning size, and there are optional alerts for VVs as they get to a specified warning size.
Assuming you have over-allocated the space, the Raw Space alerts will warn you as the physical storage gets consumed. As I recall, it comes with default warnings at 75% and 85%. Depending on your purchase cycle time, you may want to adjust higher or lower. Regardless, you want the Raw Space alerts at a level such that you have some time to purchase more physical storage.

If I'm reading your post right, and your FC raw storage is already 95% allocated, it's time to think about adding more physical disks.

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