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3par NFS file share permission


3par NFS file share permission


I have a question in 3par file persona NFS file share.  Environment: 3par 20800, OS 3.2.2MU4

After I completed the file persona, VFS, fstore, fshare configuration. I tried the client(RHEL 6.3) access. Seems that there are three NFS shares that I can see from the client. What is the /nfsshares? Where is it from?

And, I tried to mount the /NFS1/NFS1/test/3partest, the root user is always squashed to nobody(UID=99), and other users in the client cannot access the mount point.

But when mounting the  /nfsshares/NFS1/NFS1/test/3partest, the root user and other users in the client can have theire own UID/GID when access the mount point. 

So I cannot understand what is the /nfsshare directory, I didn't define it in the file persiona creation. And which path should I mount from the client? Thanks for the help



[root@crmsvrd ~]# showmount -e
Export list for
/nfsshares                          *


SS20800 cli% showfshare nfs -d
Share Name              : 3partest
File Provisioning Group : NFS1
Virtual File Server     : NFS1
File Store              : test
Share Directory         : 3partest
Full Directory Path     : /NFS1/NFS1/test/3partest
State                   : normal
Clients                 :
Options                 : subtree_check, sync, hide, crossmnt, no_root_squash, sec=sys, no_all_squash, no_wdelay, secure, auth_nlm, rw
Comment                 : ---

Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR NFS file share permission

Have you looked at creating FP users and groups, to match your Linux user IDs?

showfsuser and showfsgroup

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Re: 3par NFS file share permission

Did you ever find a solution for this? It seems like /nfsshares is some kind of internal use only setting, or debug setting, that was never turned off.  However, I don't know.

Re: 3par NFS file share permission

The "/nfsshares" directory that you can see if you run a "showmount -e" against the FilePersona Appliance, is the root of the so called NFSv4-Pseudo-filesystem. This is design and feauture of NFSv4.x.

All exported NFS-shares are automatically bound into the pseudo-filesystem, so that a NFSv4 client can travers them (if not restricted by the exports)

Note that "/nfsshare" always exist, even if you have not created a single nfs-share.

Clients that are not allowed to access a NFS-share will be able to see the share, but not allowed to enter it.



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