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Query: 3par Set size and parity

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3par Set size and parity

Hi Teams,

I configured RAID 6 with 4+2 , if I have 20 disks in 3par,

how many disk failures are supported? 

how many disks will use ads parity? ( 6 +2 , 6+2, like or )

How can I calculate set size and parity disk?


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Re: 3par Set size and parity


3PAR works in Chunklets (1GB), not in Disks, that's a very big advantage of 3PAR Technology.
So 6+2 means it writes 6 Data and 2 Parity, each on this Chunklet down to 8 different Disks.
With 20 Disks it looks like this:

You see, that the 3rd Group span from last to the first Disk, that's no problem until they are on different Disks.
But you don't have to worry about it, it's done automatically, great, isn't it?

In this way, you can also use 8+2, 10+2 which give you more usable space.
I, personally would use 10+2 with Raid 6.

And about Failures, you see, that we can lose 2 Disks in each of these Groups.



I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Query: 3par Set size and parity

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