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Re: 3par VVol Replication

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3par VVol Replication


I'm trying to setup a vmware-vvol datastore with Hpe 3PARs. All works properly if i don't setup replication, but as soon as i configure replication, moving or creating Volumes in these VVol datastore are impossible

The error displayed in vmware is : Failed to create directory test (Cannot Create File)

Environment :

VMware :

Esxi : 6.7 (build 13644319):

VCenter : 6.7u1

# esxcli storage core adapter list
HBA Name Driver Link State UID Capabilities Description
-------- -------- ---------- -------------------------------------- ------------------- ---------------------------------------------
vmhba0 smartpqi link-n/a sas.5001438041a145c8 (0000:38:00.0) Microsemi HPE P204i-b SR Gen10
vmhba64 qfle3f link-up fcoe.100072c68020003d:100072c68020003c Second Level Lun ID () Broadcom Corporation FCoE Adapter
vmhba65 qfle3f link-up fcoe.100072c68020003f:100072c68020003e Second Level Lun ID () Broadcom Corporation FCoE Adapter

2 replication able HP 3par 8440 HPE 3PAR OS version (MU3)+P49

Any idea ?


Thx a lot !


Re: 3par VVol Replication

Hi Admin_UHB, 

From your post I understand, you are creating a replication on a base volume from 3PAR side on your datastore volume,

This will not cause any issues on creating volumes,

However I found below VMware KB related to the error you have reported,



This may be helpful,

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