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3par tunevv for a rcopy vv


3par tunevv for a rcopy vv


I have a CPVV in 3par(3.2.2), I want to convert the vv to a TPVV with the tunevv command. The vv is in a sync-rcopy group. 

I check the cli user guide.  It says the -tpvv option does not support vv with rcopy. It means the vv cannot be tuned or I must stop the rcopy relationship, and then I can do the tunevv task? Thanks for the help.

When the -tpvv, -tdvv, or -full options for the usr_cpg subcommand are specified,
the tune will automatically rollback on a failure. These options do not support virtual volumes
with remote copy. These options will only convert virtual volumes using snapshots if the
-keepvv option is used, but the snapshots will reside in the virtual volume specified by the
-keepvv option.


Re: 3par tunevv for a rcopy vv

Hello dennischen,

When you convert a volume that has snapshots associated with it the snapshots would remain with the original volume and not be usable by the new volume created during the conversion.  This means that any Remote Copy snaps would be worthless after a VV conversion.

You would have some options but all require quite some planning.

You can stop the RC group, dismiss the volumes, convert and then admit volumes back.  This means that everything will fully replicated again.

If you can stand application downtime then there is an option for you to turn off all hosts and IO to the group, stop the group, dismiss the VV's and convert.  After conversion admit the volumes and use the -nosync option, this will bypass the full copy of data.  For this to be successful all host IO would have to be stopped before the work begins and cannot come online until after everything is completed or you would have an inconsistent data state between the arrays.

Lastly, if you have the option of failing over you may be able to do this with some additional effort but would still require apps to at least be stopped to switchover to the secondary site, (unless you were using peer persistence).

Of course this is all high level, I'd suggest detailed planning if you were to proceed with this to understand the impact of each option and what is tolerable by the business.

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