3par vv wwn

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3par vv wwn

Hello exports,

In 3PAR, use CLI command #showvv -d , it will dislplay VV's WWN, but Why the VV's WWN is 32-bit ? Usaully in host, the LUN WWN is 16-bit.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: 3PAR VV WWN is 128 bit

VV WWNs are 128 bit.  Hosts/ports/nodes/PDs are 64 bit.  Unless you mean 32 nibbles vs 16 nibbles.

I have seen some VMWare hosts that have 64 bit WWNs for their VLUNs.  Not sure if these 3PAR arrays were upgraded when they were only 64 bit?  Or it depends on the host persona?

I've just seen mentioned that the 128 bit WWNs were introduced in 3.1.2.

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