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3par with direct attached blade enclosure

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3par with direct attached blade enclosure

I have 3par 8200 direct attached to c7000 blade enclosure through two virtual connect modules. All 3par controllers are connected to the two virtual connect modules using two fabric ,each fabric correspond to a virtual module ,each fabric have two uplink ports one is active the other is standby ,No external san switch connected.
My question is I have a physical rack mount server work as veeam backup server how can I export the luns of the 3par to this physical servers so I can take backup from the luns over san not over lan.
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Re: 3par with direct attached blade enclosure

I have no snapshot license for 3par.
Is it safe to export luns to the veeam backup server ??
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Re: 3par with direct attached blade enclosure


if you don't have a SAN switch your only option is to use one connection from your 3PAR and connect it direct to your VEEAM server. but this means you lose one connection to your servers.

Exporting your Luns to your veeam server is OK they will apear as offline in your disk manager and you must not change that but your backup will be much faster and not go over your network.

you don't need a snapshot license for that. only if you use VEEAM enterprise plus with storage integration than VEEAM uses storage snapshots.


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Re: 3par with direct attached blade enclosure

Or, add a pair of FC cards.

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Re: 3par with direct attached blade enclosure

Thanks for your support

I wonder if I can provide an external switch and connect that external switch to an old Storage IBM just to be for second backup and connect also the virtual connect and the veeam backup server to this external switch ,

Now the senario will be that we have the blade enclosure with virual connect direct attached to the 3par 8200 and also the blade enclosure connected to another fabric attached storaged (Which is IBM) , My Veeam backup physical server will be attached to the external switch , My question is that the veeam server now will be able to see source LUNs from the 3par and destination LUNs (Repository)  , what kind of configuration needed to be done on the virtual connect, the external switch and veeam Backup Server . A quick diagram is uploaded to simplify.

Many Thanks



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