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Creating a 3PAR 1tb lun       I wanted to touch base with someone who could guide me on my quest.  I created a 1tb lun 1. created cpg 2. virtual volume, linked to cpg - red hat server and then check marked the export after creation.  Question:  upon creation, should I be able to see it mounted on the Red Hat 6.8 server after creation?  Would the export mount the file system or does one have to mount it in Red Hat?  If this has to be mounted on the server, then would one have to reboot the server in order for the exported file system to be seen? 

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Re: 3par

You would do better asking the question in a Red Hat forum.

There are about 5 things you need to do before it becomes a mounted filesystem.

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Re: HPE 3PAR create and export VV to RH

To a export LUN you have to do this on the array:

1) createcpg (optional)

2) createvv

3) createhost

4) createvlun using above VV and host and a LUN.