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Backing up ISCSI Exported Volumes


Backing up ISCSI Exported Volumes

We have an F200 unit acting as storage for our VMWare servers. We have a mix of local VMs and volumes exported via ISCSI across our WAN. 

We snapshot our volumes nightly, but also need to set up a backup for individual vmdk files. I need to automate the backups and would like some direction on how I might accomplish this without risking volume corruption by two boxes using the same volume.

We want the backup to be processed from the LAN the 3par system is on, rather than reaching across the WAN to the servers with the exported volumes. Each end user is, or will be in their own domain, so I am assuming this will be done from a trusted host.

This is a fairly new system, so I am most likely not aware of all options available for what I need to do.

Thanks for any assistance with this.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Backing up ISCSI Exported Volumes

Sounds like what HP 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for VMware vSphere is for.

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