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Backup Over SAN using Veaam

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Backup Over SAN using Veaam



I have a physical Veeam server connected to SAN switch .
I have 3par 8200 storage system which host the production VMs and connected to the same SAN SW
I have IBM v3700 and IBM V5000 which I will use as repository for backups and connected to the same SAN SW
My Questions is:
I want to take backups from the 3par to IBM Over SAN not over LAN?
How to do it?
How to ensure Storage integration with veaam?
How to ensure data integrity and no corruption of production VMs on production LUNs hosted by 3par?

How to create readonly zone on the san switch (Brocade or IBM switch) between veeam physical server and 3par storage system?


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Re: Backup Over SAN using Veaam

While I don't work with Veeam, here are a couple things to consider:

To ensure data integrity and no corruption of production VMs, you could create a snapshot of the datastores, then use the snapshots with the Veeam server. When done, delete the snapshots.
You could write scripts that would put the VMs into a consistent state via VMtools, then make 3PAR snapshots of the datastores containing those VMs. And as far as I know, RMC-V should be able to do all of that.

There are no "readonly zones" on SAN switches. The switches are simply conduits between server and storage. It's up to the server to not write something. Or in the case of the 3PAR, create readonly snapshots.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: Backup Over SAN using Veaam

Many Thanks for your support ,

But I want to clarify that I am using Hyper-V and do not have snapshot license for the 3par 8200 ,

So based on this new inputs to the senario any recommendations?


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Re: Backup Over SAN using Veaam


to do what you want Veeam needs to have direct access to your LUNS on 3PAR ( through the SAN)

and then it will read data direct from your LUNS and backup to your IBM repository

with Hyper-V it is best to use off-host backup mode.

the best solution is to use storage snapshots with storage integration on Veeam but you need snapshot license on 3PAR

and Veeam enterprise plus license.



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Re: Backup Over SAN using Veaam

Why ever, 3PAR does not Support a Read-Only Volume presentation, as MSA does.
(Lot of Customers missing this for Years.)

If you do not have 3PAR Snapshot and Veeam Enterprise + only Way is to present Production LUN to the Server and never touch these Volumes on the Backup Server (diskpart: automount disable).

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Backup Over SAN using Veaam


Now I have a snapshot license for the 3par , but my veeam license is enterprize only.

My Environment is hyper 2012 r2 and some hosts are hyper-v 2016

Now I have a physical server that will be used as a proxy server in veeam and also reposotory server , mean I will map the production Luns and the LUNs for backup to the same server which have HBA installed and have fabric connectivity to my san.

the steps will be :

On hosts :

install 3par cli , then install hardwrae vss .

on the 3par :

Actually I do not know??!!!

on veeam :

add the 3par storage system to veeam backup infrastructure.

choose transport mode as direct storage.


what is your recommendation regarding this steps and what is your advice ?