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CPG space report

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CPG space report


I hope someone can help here:

For the monthly reporting to the Customer I was using in the external System Reporter the CPG Space report (report type: versus time, compare:CPG) where the table output was lookiing like this:

Time Used Space GiB (FC_r1_2_AO) Used Space GiB (FC_r1_2_AO_NT) Used Space GiB (FC_r5_5-1_AO) Used Space GiB (FC_r5_5-1_AO_NT) Used Space GiB (FC_r5_5-1_NONAO) Used Space GiB (FC_r5_5-1_PAOP) Used Space GiB (NL_r6_6-2_AO) Used Space GiB (NL_r6_6-2_NONAO) Used Space GiB (SSD_r1_2_AO) 2/20/2016 1891.84 1001.50 49766.34 17.50 557.00 6892.94 58088.84 7241.38 159.28 2/21/2016 1891.84 1001.50 50242.84 17.50 557.00 6892.94 58453.59 7254.00 159.28 2/22/2016 1891.84 1001.50 50403.09 17.50 557.00 6892.94 58087.59 7412.62 159.28 2/23/2016 1907.84 1001.50 50455.97 17.50 557.00 6892.94 58087.59 7411.50


My question:

How i can get the same output with the new integrated SR by having the daily values for each CPG listed within the same report?

My current workaround was to create for each CPG a seperate report which is time consuming and in my opinion a step back (compared to the external SR).

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Re: CPG space report (srcpgspace)

You have tried this command?

srcpgspace -daily -groupby CPG_NAME


>where the table output was lookiing like this:


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Re: CPG space report



If you are using HPE 3PAR OS version above 3.2.2 then you can use the following command to get individual CPG data example:

srcpgspace -btsecs -5d -daily -compareby top,10,Growth_Avail_MB -groupby CPG_NAME

The above will give you CPG capacity data for top 10 CPGs ordered by Growth_Avail_MB and grouped by CPG_NAME.